Leo Fitzmaurice - Project introduction

My Project for BS1 is based in the Broadmead shopping area – a shopping area built in the sixties. The shop units were all built in a similar style, originally many being identical. The shop windows in the units have, over the years, been ‘modernised’ by resident leaseholders creating a range of solutions to the problems of how to break up a given rectangular aperture.

This is my starting point. I have for a number of years been interested in the intersection between art architecture and design. I see these particular shop windows as an opportunity to think about a physical interface between architecture and graphic design. They encourage, equally, thought about the physicality of a building and the layout of an image/text. I see these shop windows as a point at which structure of a building dissolves into the design of a brand.

Thanks to Bristol Alliance for facilitating my project 'Archigraphs' at BS1