Project Introductions

I have been involved with this project since May 2008. My original impression of the site was of noise and dust and men in yellow jackets buzzing around specific activities like bees. It was amazing to be inside an unfinished building with wires hanging out of walls, to be walking over planks because the floors were not yet in place. I continue to be startled by the variety of jobs involved in creating a building of this scale. As a writer I am interested in the many stories carried into the building day after day, week after week, year after year. The stories, like the people working on the Cabot Circus scan the globe. Inside every high visibility jacket is a story. When the jackets are taken off for the final time I hope my stories will be a way to make the workers visible again.


UrbanWords is a literature development consultancy with an interest in and passion for the role writers and creative writing can play in the process of urban change. I am particularly interested in how a writer can find ways to articulate and communicate the complexities of regeneration. I am supporting Donna throughout the project, and working alongside Neville to find creative ways to present and disseminate Donna’s writing.

Sarah Butler